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Innovative at-home blood collection with just a painless push.
Painless and convenient blood collection
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1 business day
Actionable insights reviewed by physicians

Collecting blood has never been 

so easy

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Health tests as easy as 1,2,3




blood collection

Our cutting-edge innovative blood collection device (TAP II) makes the sample collection easy and painless, utilising a bespoke microneedles technology.

Get your digital results in just 

one day

Get your digital laboratory results in just 1 business day via our app, including expert recommendations and health guides.
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Science you can


Secured Encrypted Data
Our team of engineers works hard to secure all of your health data.
Physician Reviewed
Your test report recommendations are reviewed by physicians and scientists.
Certified Clinical Laboratory
Internationally accredited laboratory quality standards.

Don’t take it from us, hear from 

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Total game changer
five star review

I never understood why blood tests always took so long and were so expensive. Testing at home, at a fraction of the time and cost is a total game changer.


100% HIGHLY recommended
five star review

If you’re scared of blood, this is something I would 100% HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!! The test doesn’t require you to prick your finger and it didn’t hurt at all for me.


COVID-19 Antibody
five star review

I did the test and found out that I had 1100+ Au/ml COVID-19 antibodies. Knowing this makes me feel so much safer and comfortable going around crowded public places.


WOW. So easy
five star review

Doing your own blood test sounds scary but it honestly isn’t! The kit was VERY user friendly and collecting my sample was MUCH easier than I expected.


FOOD SENSITIVITY finally uncovered the mystery
five star review

I’d been experiencing mysterious stomach aches and bloating for months. After taking the Food Sensitivity test, I finally uncovered the mystery. The culprit? a sensitivity to eggs.


Got questions? Get answers

Check out our frequently asked questions below, or contact us for more information.
What is Circle SnapShot?
At Circle, our goal is to decentralise healthcare by empowering people to proactively monitor and manage their health anytime and anywhere. Circle SnapShot offers self-administered blood test kits that let you discover your current health status from home, and identify your next steps. We test for and track trends of biomarkers related to common health issues, which can help guide your health and lifestyle decisions.
What does Circle SnapShot test for?
Circle SnapShot offers a variety of self-administered blood test kits across key areas of health, including COVID-19 antibodies, heart health, food sensitivity, men’s and women’s hormones, general health and more. These kits are designed to help you uncover your current health status from the comfort of your home.
When will I get my test results?
After your sample arrives at our lab, your test results will be ready in the app within 1 business day.
If you have questions about a specific order or sample, please submit your request here.
Is the blood collection process painful? What if I am afraid of needles?
No need to worry! The main blood collection device in Circle SnapShot test kits is called TAP II. The TAP II device is engineered to provide a painless blood collection experience. These are CE certified and manufactured by YourBio Health, Inc.

The TAP II blood collection device is designed to be placed on the upper arm and draw capillary blood. TAP II works like a stamp, push the device firmly into your arm and hold for 3 seconds to ensure effective blood collection. Once you press the button, it punctures your skin with very, very thin microneedles. When you release the button, the microneedles retract back into the device. The suction mechanism slowly draws blood drops out and these are collected in the attached tube.

You can use the device on yourself or have a friend or family member help you out. The safety mechanism in the device will only allow the button to be pressed once. Do not open any of these sterile devices until instructed to do so.
Can you reuse this blood collection device?
No, TAP II is a single-use blood collection device. It is stored inside a sterile tray. Do not open or press anything until you are ready to collect your blood sample!