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What we do

Providing advanced diagnostic testing that makes long-term health monitoring easier than ever

Our at-home blood tests help you take control of your health by giving you a simple, convenient, painless, and accurate solution to monitor key health indicators – so you can better manage your overall health and well-being with ease.
what we do
what we believe
What we believe

Managing your health should be simple, above all else

Your health doesn’t stay constant forever. We know firsthand the importance of regular testing to manage your health in the long run.

Traditional blood testing is complicated, painful, and time-consuming – so we founded Circle SnapShot on these principles:
Testing should be simple, saving the hassle of researching numerous clinics to book an appointment
It should be painless, not painful and scary like many intravenous blood draws
Results should be quick – no one wants to wait 1-2 weeks to see their results, especially for sensitive health information

A better solution, validated against traditional blood testing

Through extensive research with our team of diagnostic testing experts, we developed Circle SnapShot to be an effortless, convenient solution that allows you the freedom to test as you please – while still maintaining the rigour and accuracy of traditional blood tests.
How it works
Health test lead time
Results lead time
Where is it conducted
Simple & painless
blood collection device
To prepare, draw blood and return sample
1 business day
Digital report accessible via mobile
Anywhere and any time
Clinically validated process
intravenous blood draw
blood draw
2 week
A few days to >2 weeks
Including research, booking, travel time, waiting time, and testing
5-7 days
5-7 days
Physical report
At a clinic during business hours
Clinically validated process

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I figured out the cause of my rash!

My rash issue has been bothering me for quite a while, but I never had time to try find a real solution until I saw SnapShot! After getting my results I tried an elimination diet and it ACTUALLY fixed my rash. Overall worth it!

Nicole - Food Sensitivity Test

Convenient and totally worth it!

I was mainly attracted by the price, as it isn’t cheap doing this type of test outside. Secondly, it was very convenient as I could draw my blood anywhere and anytime, and avoid dealing with having to go to 
the clinic

Sam - Food Sensitivity Test

Finally understand why my face gets red easily…

I’ve always suspected I am sensitive to cakes. 
Every time I eat cakes, my face gets really red! 
After I did the test, I found out I was sensitive to egg white. I could do it at home and review my results on the App!

@jadelamm - Food Sensitivity Test

I finally uncovered the mystery

I’d been experiencing mysterious stomach aches and bloating for months. After taking the Food Sensitivity test, I finally uncovered the mystery. The culprit? a sensitivity to eggs.

@xoy - Food Sensitivity Test

Total game changer

I never understood why blood tests always took so long and were so expensive. Testing at home, at a fraction of the time and cost is a total game changer.

Hannah - Food Sensitivity Test

100% HIGHLY recommended

If you’re scared of blood, this is something I would 100% HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!! The test doesn’t require you to prick your finger and it didn’t hurt at all for me.

Nathan - Heart Health Test

WOW. So easy

Doing your own blood test sounds scary but it honestly isn’t! The kit was VERY user friendly and collecting my sample was MUCH easier than I expected.

Ciara - Food Sensitivity Test

Literally saved me 
so much hassle

No fuss, no stress — the whole process took just under five minutes AND was done entirely at home!! It totally lived up to my expectations, 10/10 did not disappoint.

Yvonne - Food Sensitivity Test

about prenetics

About Us

Circle SnapShot is wholly owned by Prenetics Limited, a global leading diagnostics and genetic testing biotechnology company (Nasdaq: PRE) whose mission is to bring health closer to people and decentralise healthcare. We focus on comprehensive testing capabilities covering prevention, diagnostics, and personalised care. Prenetics strives to enable everyone to make health a choice by living healthier and proactively preventing and diagnosing diseases.

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