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Painless & accurate at-home blood sample collection, professional laboratory testing, validated by experts.
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Simple, painless 
and accurate
laboratory standards
Reviewed by experts 
in diagnostic testing

Our collection method: Simple, painless and accurate

Our innovative at-home blood collection kit utilise an advanced blood collection device that is convenient, easy to use, and test is just as accurate as traditional blood testing.
our collection method
Simple & Convenient
our collection method

Our laboratory testing:
Every step of the process is overseen by registered medical laboratory technologists.

All SnapShot samples are processed in our state-of-the-art laboratory adhering to clinical laboratory standards.
our machines
Our Machines
We utilise machines manufactured by global market leaders for in vitro diagnostic systems, assay and equipment.
our laboratory
Our Laboratory
All Circle SnapShot testing processes are conducted by registered medical laboratory technologists. We follow ISO 15189 medical laboratory standards - these guidelines are similar to Clinical Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI).

Our report: Reviewed by experts in diagnostic testing

All reports are available within 1 business day of your sample being returned to our lab. Accessible directly within the Circle app, our report content and recommendations are developed by our team of registered nutritionists and dietitians, clinical officers and scientists.
Dr. Frank Ong, MD
Dr. Frank Ong, MD
Chief Medical Officer
Shapes the policies and strategies for transforming medical practice. Before joining Prenetics, he held chief and senior positions in EverlyWell, Guardant Health, Roche Diagnostics, NantHealth and more. Dr. Ong holds a M.D. from the University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine. Dr. Ong is also a Certified Physician/Principal Investigator (CPI) of the Academy of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP) and a Certified Clinical Research Professional (CCRP) of the Society of Clinical Research Associates (SOCRA).
Dr. Lawrence Tzang, PhD
Dr. Lawrence Tzang, PhD
Co-Founder And Chief Scientific Officer
Oversees the development, evaluation and implementation of new testing products and services, supervision of laboratory setup and operation and governance of medical laboratory accreditation with over 18 years industry experience in diagnostic testing. Dr. Tzang received his post-doctoral research fellowship at Department of Biology & Chemistry, a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology and a B.Sc. in Applied Chemistry in the City University of Hong Kong.
Dr. Mike Ma, PhD
Dr. Mike Ma, PhD
Chief R&D Officer
Leads the diagnostics and screening technologies at Prenetics with over 29 years industry experience in research and development and clinical science. Before joining Prenetics, he held senior R&D and clinical application positions at diagnostic companies in the PRC and the U.S., including Exact Sciences, Hologic and Third Wave Technologies. Dr. Ma holds a Ph.D. in Medicinal Chemistry & Molecular Pharmacology from Purdue University.
Dr. Senthil Sundaram, MD
Dr. Senthil Sundaram, MD
Chief Clinical Officer
Oversees Prenetics’ clinical policies. Dr. Sundaram is highly recognised for his experience as a physician-scientist, having led numerous research programs in the USA. These research activities are centered around diagnostic and genetic tests. Dr. Sundaram’s research articles have been published in reputed, high-impact journals such as Neurology, Annals of Neurology, Cerebral Cortex and others. Dr. Sundaram’s research works were funded by the National Institute of Health (NIH), USA. Dr. Sundaram also served as a reviewer of different journals and NIH study sections.
Dr. Belinda Cheung, PhD
Dr. Belinda Cheung, PhD
Head of Compliance (Laboratory)
Dr. Cheung serves as Vice President (Research & Development) and has been instrumental in the creation of the company’s proprietary assay platform. Dr. Cheung has over 13 years In-Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) industry experience in product development as well as clinical settings. Dr. Cheung managed over 20 M HKD grants, and was previously the Principal Researcher in Hong Kong Government supported research project in a biotech company. Dr. Cheung received her Ph.D in Biochemistry from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

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