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Our Best-Seller

How our Food Sensitivity Test can take your health to the next level

Have you ever wondered why you experience unwanted symptoms like bloating, headache, stomach pain after eating? If you suspect you have a food sensitivity and want to learn more, our Food Sensitivity test is here to help you pinpoint which foods may be connected to the discomfort you have been experiencing.

It tests your immune system’s Immunoglobulin G (IgG) antibody reactivity to 96 food items in 10+ categories such as dairy, egg, seafood, vegetables, and even fruits. Your results show your body’s IgG reactivity to each food, rated from normal to high, which allows you to identify potential culprits to your discomfort.

Circle SnapShot makes health management simple and stress-free

Circle SnapShot offers an innovative at-home blood collection kit, utilising an advanced CE-certified blood collection device that is convenient, easy to use, and test is just as accurate as traditional blood testing at clinics.

It is also a painless process, with virtually undetectable microneedles that enter just 1mm deep, resulting >93% of testers rated SnapShot a “painless experience” compared to a typical blood draw
Simple & 
What do you get with this FREE CNY Food Guide?

A Comprehensive Overview of...

  • The ingredients included in 6 traditional Chinese New Year foods, including Turnip Cake, Steamed Sponge Cake, Sesame Ball, Glutinous Rice Ball, Lo Hei, and Spring rolls
  • 8 common allergens that may be included in these foods, which you should look out for
  • 12 practical ways to substitute these allergens, which includes: 
i) do-it-yourself (DIY) style or ii) off-the-shelf options depending on your personal preferences

Crafted by our in-house qualified nutritionists!

Catherine Yuen
Registered Nutritionist
With over 5 years’ experience, Catherine has helped thousands of clients unlock the secrets of their DNA to live healthier through her specialisation in weight management, nutrigenomics, and sport genomics. She is a Registered Associate Nutritionist in the Association for Nutrition (UK).
Charley Wong
Charley has 5 years’ experience as a nutritionist and fitness trainer, specialising in weight loss, disease prevention, physique building, and providing lifestyle and behaviour recommendations to clients. Charley received her Bachelor in Food and Nutritional Science from The University of Hong Kong.

Don’t just take our word for it, see how our 
Food Sensitivity Test has helped our


I figured out the cause of my rash!

My rash issue has been bothering me for quite a while, but I never had time to try find a real solution until I saw SnapShot! After getting my results I tried an elimination diet and it ACTUALLY fixed my rash. Overall worth it!

Nicole - Food Sensitivity Test

Convenient and totally worth it!

I was mainly attracted by the price, as it isn’t cheap doing this type of test outside. Secondly, it was very convenient as I could draw my blood anywhere and anytime, and avoid dealing with having to go to 
the clinic

Sam - Food Sensitivity Test

Finally understand why my face gets red easily…

I’ve always suspected I am sensitive to cakes. 
Every time I eat cakes, my face gets really red! 
After I did the test, I found out I was sensitive to egg white. I could do it at home and review my results on the App!

@jadelamm - Food Sensitivity Test

I finally uncovered the mystery

I’d been experiencing mysterious stomach aches and bloating for months. After taking the Food Sensitivity test, I finally uncovered the mystery. The culprit? a sensitivity to eggs.

@xoy - Food Sensitivity Test

Total game changer

I never understood why blood tests always took so long and were so expensive. Testing at home, at a fraction of the time and cost is a total game changer.

Hannah - Food Sensitivity Test

WOW. So easy

Doing your own blood test sounds scary but it honestly isn’t! The kit was VERY user friendly and collecting my sample was MUCH easier than I expected.

Ciara - Food Sensitivity Test

Literally saved me 
so much hassle

No fuss, no stress — the whole process took just under five minutes AND was done entirely at home!! It totally lived up to my expectations, 10/10 did not disappoint.

Yvonne - Food Sensitivity Test

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